Translated Titles

Image Creation and the Presentation of Aesthetic Moral Awareness


李詠吟(Yong-Yin Li)

Key Words

形象 ; 審美 ; 道德 ; images ; aesthetic ; moral



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

26卷3期(2005 / 07 / 15)

Page #

22 - 28

Content Language


Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Artistic image is a bridge which makes a life dialogue between artist and the reader, because every artist not only concentrates his/her own thoughts and feelings about aesthetic and moral activities on the images, but also expresses his/her own value judgment for social moral standards through the creation of images. In fact, creating art works is a process of providing rich thoughts of aesthetic and moral through creating vivid and all-round characters. Nevertheless, the different value choices of aesthetic and moral of every artist determine the cultural meaning of his/her art works.

Topic Category 人文學 > 人文學綜合
社會科學 > 社會科學綜合