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Inhibitory Effects of the Part C in Alcohol Extract of Verbena Officinalis on Human Choriocarcinoma JAR Cell Line


張立平(Li-Ping Zhang);羅莉(Li Luo);王家俊(Jia-Jun Wang);徐昌芬(Chang-Fen Xu)

Key Words

絨毛膜癌 ; JAR ; 馬鞭草提取液 ; 細胞增殖 ; choriocarcinoma ; JAR ; Alcohol Extract of Verbena officinalis ; Proliferation



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24卷5期(2004 / 09 / 05)

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470 - 472

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Chinese Abstract

目的:探討馬鞭草(Verbena officinalis)提取液C部位對人絨毛膜癌JAR細胞增殖的影響。方法:通過相差顯微鏡觀察活細胞貼壁程度、細胞形態改變;MTT法測定不同濃度C部位在不同時段對JAR細胞的增殖抑制率,結果用方差分析進行統計學檢驗;流式細胞儀檢測細胞阻滯週期廠結果:馬鞭草C部位可引起細胞數目減少並萎縮;細胞增殖抑制率隨著時間的延長和濃度的增加逐漸增大,72h的40mg/ml劑量組抑制最明顯,抑制率為65%;流式細胞儀檢測結果顯示阻滯週期在G2/M期之間結論:馬鞭草提取液C部位對人絨毛膜癌JAR細胞增殖有明顯抑制作用,其作用機制有待進一步探索。

English Abstract

Objective: To investigate the effect of the Part C in Alcohol Extract of Verbena officinalis on Human Choriocarcinoma JAR Cell Line. Methods: Firstly, morphological changes of JAR cells were observed with phase-contrst microscope. Secondly, JAR cells were determined in the proliferation-inhibition ratio of the part C with vary chroma (luring different period of time using MTT method. And thirdly, flow cytometry (FCM) was performed for measurement of phase of cell cycle. Results: The incubated tumor cells were decreased in number and became atrophic when they were treated with the part C. The inhibition rate of experimental groups was more than that in control group and increased according to increasement of time and concentration. In 72 h 40 mg/ml, there was a significant control and its inhibition was 65%. Phase of cell cycle analysis by FCM showed that cells were arrested in G2/M phase. Conclusion: The part C in Alcohol Extract of Verbena officinalis is a highly effective antineoplastic agent to choriocarcinoma cells, manifestating time-concentration effect.

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