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JWA Protein Binds to α-tubulin and Regulates Microtubule Stability


陳海蓉(Hai-Rong Chen);李愛群(Ai-Qun Li);李愛萍(Ai-Ping Li);周建偉(Jian-Wei Zhou)

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JWA蛋白 ; α-微管蛋白 ; 微管相關蛋白 ; 有絲分裂 ; JWA protein ; α-tubulin ; cytoskeleton



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24卷5期(2004 / 09 / 05)

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519 - 521

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Objective: JWA gene is a cytoskeleton related gene and associated with cell differentiation and apoptosis. Our recent studies have demonstrated that JWA protein is not only structurally binding to β-tubulin, hut a novel functional MAP-contributions to cell shape and cellular amino acid transportation. Methods: To understand if JWA protein is localized to α-tubulin, in this study, we use immunofluorescence microscopy assay for NIH3T3 cell culture models and the results have provided strung evidence for a linkage between JWA protein and α-tubulin. Results: Briefly, JWA protein is stably binding to α-tubulin whenever α-tubulin is temperature-dependently polymerized or not, and it might be critical to the mitosis of the cell. The confocal laser scanning microscopy revealed that the intracellular distribution of JWA protein is obviously different to that of α-tubulin during mitosis. Conclusion: These results suggest that JWA protein binds to α-tubulin, and might be a novel modulator of microtubule.

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