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A Novel Sensor Placement Model in Wireless Sensor Network


屈玉貴(Yu-Gui Qu);翟羽佳(Yu-Jia Zhai);藺智挺(Zhi-Ting Lin);趙保華(Bao-Hua Zhao);張英堂(Ying-Tang Zhang)

Key Words

無線傳感器網絡 ; 傳感器模型 ; 覆蓋 ; 放置算法 ; wireless sensor network ; sensor model ; coverage ; placement algorithm



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27卷6期(2004 / 12 / 01)

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1 - 5

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Chinese Abstract

傳感器放置是傳感器網絡研究的核心問題之一。本文在Dhillon S.S.的模型化傳感器節點、障礙物和優先覆蓋方法基礎上,提出了一種新的高效覆蓋傳感器放置模型及整體-局部-覆蓋算法。該模型著重考慮傳感器探測範圍的局限性,給出傳感器探測角度和探測距離模型,修改了現有算法的初始化過程。理論分析和仿真試驗充分驗證了該模型的可行性和優良的覆蓋性能。

English Abstract

Sensor placement is one of the key topics addressed in sensor networks study. This paper proposes a novel sensor placement model and a so-called INTEGER-LOCAL-COV algorithm with a more efficient coverage, based on the modeling of the node characteristics, terrain shield and preferential coverage of grids as that analyzed by Dhillon S. S.. In the new placement scheme, the detection limit of sensors is also carefully modeled, such as the perception range and angle of view, and the initiation process is revised accordingly. Theoretical analyses and the simulation demonstrate the effectiveness and the outstanding performance of the presented model compared with the original placement algorithms.

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