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Service Composition in Service-Oriented Architecture


楊懷洲(Huai-Zhou Yang);李增智(Zeng-Zhi Li);朱海萍(Hai-Ping Zhu)

Key Words

面向業務的體系結構 ; 合成業務 ; Web業務 ; 合作關係約定 ; 流模型 ; 合成業務生命週期 ; service-oriented architecture ; composition service ; Web services ; collaboration relationship agreement ; flow model ; composition service life-cycle



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27卷6期(2004 / 12 / 01)

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101 - 106

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The platform-neutral and self-contained natures of Web services enable service providers and application developers to engage other Web services in order to develop new value-added services and complete higher-order business transactions by using existing elementary or complex services, possibly offered by different service providers. In order to complete service composition, in this paper, composition service is described in a chart diagram form, a series of approaches and guidelines are presented based on analyzing composition service types, relationships between services, flow model and collaboration relationship agreements. In addition, an integrated construction framework is presented to manage the entire life-cycle of composition service.

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