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Anti-Spam Based on Universal Network Measurement Platform


仇小鋒(Xiao-Feng Qiu);陳鳴(Ming Chen)

Key Words

垃圾郵件 ; 反垃圾郵件 ; 網絡測量 ; spam ; anti-spam ; network measurement



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27卷6期(2004 / 12 / 01)

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45 - 49

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Chinese Abstract


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Based on the universal network measurement platform, a new method for detecting and defending spam is proposed, which is different from existing antispam technologies such as Blackhole List and mail filter. The traffic associated with mails is gathered into mail flows at the monitor points in local networks, which classified as invalid mail flows, normal mail flows and abnormal mail flows. Then according to the statistical characteristic of the three kinds of mail flows, ad spam, spam virus and abnormal mail behaviors are detected, and interception and alarms are performed by the policy-based responding mechanism.

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