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Classification and Definition Method of IP Charging and Accounting Parameters for NGOSS


成璐(Lu Cheng);孟洛明(Luo-Ming Meng);邱雪松(Xue-Song Qiu)

Key Words

互聯網計費參數 ; 定義 ; 分類 ; 下一代運營支撐系統 ; IP charging and accounting parameters ; definition ; classification ; next generation operation and support system



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27卷6期(2004 / 12 / 01)

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6 - 10

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The next generation operation and support system (NGOSS) has been focusing on management of next generation network. Definition of the parameters is fundamental for the IP charging and accounting system in NGOSS and classification acts as a guideline for the definition. Current results had only listed some parameters and proposed a classification method which needs to be improved. A classification and systematic definition method of IP charging and accounting parameters are presented, which have been applied in the design and implementation of a prototype.

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