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The Nature of the Thought of Dependent Origination in the Yogacara School of Indian Buddhism


周贵华(Gui-Hua Zhou)

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印度佛教 ; 唯识学 ; 缘起 ; 特质 ; Indian Buddhism ; theory of Consciousness-only ; Dependent Origination ; nature



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13卷1期(2006 / 01 / 15)

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111 - 117

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The theory of Dependent Origination in the Yogacara school of Indian Buddhism possesses four kinds of characteristics that are different from the thought of Dependent Origination of other Indian Buddhist Schools. This refers to the nature of equality of causes and effects of Dependent Origination, the nature of consciousness-only of Dependent Origination, the nature of simultaneous arising of Dependent Origination, and the holistic nature of Dependent Origination. Both of the theories of Consciousness-only whether in action or in no-action hold the same view in terms of these four characteristics. However, there are different explications of those four characteristics because of different understanding of the noumenon hold by these two theories.

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