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An Exploration of the Origin of the Three Natures of Perception in Yogacara-Whether to Be Viewed as Two Schools for Dharma-Character and Consciousness-Only


孟领(Ling Meng)

Key Words

五法 ; 三自性 ; 法相 ; 唯识 ; three natures of perception ; five categories of essential wisdom ; Consciousness-only



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13卷1期(2006 / 01 / 15)

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122 - 127

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In early period, the theories of three natures of perception and the five categories of essential wisdom are the theoretic mode to serve to encompass all existence of the universe and all Buddhist doctrines. The theory of the Two Truth in Madhyamika offers an inspiration for the formation of the mode of thinking and becomes the principle of value judgment in the theory of the three natures of perception in Yogacara. By a means of exploring the formation and the transformation of the three natures of perception in Yogacara, we are able to see the difference of thoughts between traditional and new Yogacara schools. We also point out the limitation of the Yogacara theory.

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