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The Significant Changes of the Value Determination on the Thought of Consciousness-Only in Its Early and Later Period


林国良(Guo-Liang Lin)

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唯识 ; 三自性 ; 解深密经 ; 成唯识论 ; 价值取向 ; Consciousness-only ; three natures of perception ; value determination



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13卷1期(2006 / 01 / 15)

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99 - 110

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There are some differences concerning the theories of three natures of perception in the Sutra an Understanding Profound and Esoteric Doctrine and tie Discourse on the Theory of Consciousness-only. These differences include if ”the nature of existence produced from attachment to illusory discrimination” really applies to all Dharmas, if ”the nature of existence arising from causes and conditions” depends on ”the nature of existence produced from attachment to illusory discrimination” to arise, and so on. The fundamental root for the merging of those differences is due to changes of value determination that occurred in the theory of Consciousness-only of its early and later period. This is to say that the theory of Consciousness-only begins with denying mundane world and aiming at transcendental world, and progresses to aiming at transcendental world while confirming at certain level the reality of the phenomenal world. This kind of change underlies the theory of Consciousness-only that endeavors to offer a perfect answer to explain different types of spiritual and physical phenomena.

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