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The Study on the Effect of the Venoms from Inimicus Japonicus on Fluidity of Membrane Lipids and Structure of Rat Erythrocyte Membrane in Vitro


袁文丹(Wen-Dan Yuan);于业军(Ye-Jun Yu);张彩梅(Cai-Mei Zhang);闫凤霞;刘晓萍;郭菲菲

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毒鲉科棘毒鱼 ; 日本鬼鲉 ; 红细胞 ; 维生素C ; 大鼠 ; Inimicus japonicus ; Venoms ; Erythrocyte ; VitC ; Rat



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9卷5期(2005 / 10 / 28)

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333 - 335

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Chinese Abstract

目的 探讨毒鲉科棘毒鱼日本鬼鲉毒腺提取物对大鼠红细胞的结构和细胞膜流动性的影响,及其与氧化损伤的关系和有效的治疗方法。方法 以两种不同浓度的粗提液作用于大鼠红细胞,光、电镜下观察红细胞形态变化及荧光偏振实验检测红细胞的流动性的变化。结果 两种浓度毒素提取液均可使大鼠红细胞发生棘突样变、明显肿胀及异形性改变,出现溶血现象,并随作用时间、剂量的增加而显著;毒液组红细胞膜流动性显著降低;维生素C组可部分阻断毒素的作用。结论 蜇伤局部容易感染和难愈合的原因可能与红细胞变形及其流动性下降密切相关。抗氧化剂维生素C可以减轻毒液的作用,毒鲉科棘毒鱼蜇伤的机制可能与部分氧化损伤机制有关。

English Abstract

Objective To study the effect of the venoms from Inimicus japonicus on fluidity of membrane lipids and structure of rat erythrocyte in vitro. Methods The morphological changes of erythrocytes were observed by light and electronic microscopy. Fluidity of erythrocyte was determined. Results The venoms of two different doses caused changes of erythrocyte such as spina, swelling and, hemolysis, which increased with dose and time. The fluidity of erythrocyte membrane lipids of venoms groups decreased. Vit C can partly block effect of toxin. Conclusion The wounded tissues were difficult to heal, it may be related to decreasing of fluidity of erythrocyte membrane and damage of the structure of rat erythrocyte. Vit C (inhititor of reactive oxygen species) can prevent the damage to varying degrees. Mechanism of damage of sting may be related to oxidized injury.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 內科