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Dynamic Changes of Endothelin-1 and ECE during the Process of Experimental Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension in Rats


許夕海(Xi-Hai Xu);陳澍(Shu Chen);盧清(Qing Lu);施光峰(Guang-Feng Shi)

Key Words

內皮素 ; 內皮素轉化酶 ; 肝硬化門脈高壓 ; Endothelin ; Endothelin coverting enzyme ; Cirhotic portal hypertension



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10卷2期(2005 / 06 / 30)

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89 - 91

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Chinese Abstract

目的 觀察大鼠實驗性肝硬化門脈高壓形成過程中,外周血內皮素(ET-1)含量和肝臟前內皮素原(ppET-1)和內皮素轉化酶(ECE)mRNA表達的動態變化,以期對其在門脈高壓中動態變化的特點有進一步的瞭解。方法 通過四氯化碳(CCl4)介導大鼠實驗性肝硬化門脈高壓模型,放免法檢測ET-1,半定量RT-PCR法觀察不同時期肝組織中ppET-1和ECE mRNA的表達差異。結果 與對照組相比,模型組中外周血ET-1含量和肝臟ppET-1的表達分別從第8週和第6週開始顯著升高,且ET-1的升高與門脈高壓形成呈顯著相關,而肝臟中ECE的表達無明顯差異。結論 外周血中ET-1含量的增高和肝臟中ppET-1表達的增加可能是形成肝硬化門脈高壓的重要原因之一。

English Abstract

Objective To further evaluate the content of bloocl endothelin (ET-1), the expression of preproendothelin (ppET-1) and endothelin coverting enzyme (ECE) mRNA in the liver during the process of cirrhotic portal hypertension (CPH). Methods CPH rats were induced by CCl4. The concentrations of ET-1 in plasma were studied by radioimmunoassay and the hepatic differences of gene expressions of ppET-1 and ECE were performed by semi-quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction CPH. Results The ET-1 concentration of the CPH group increased by 59% than that of the control group in the 8th week and raised much significantly in the 10th week. There was a positive correlation (r=0.79, P<0.01) between the protal pressure (PP) and the plasma ET-1 concentration. The hepatic gene expression of ppET-1 was upregulated by 46% of the CPH group than that of the control group in the 6th week and no significant difference of hepatic ECE expression between the two groups during the whole development of CPH. Conclusion The increase of ET-1 concentration and the up-regulation of hepatic ppET-1 expression maybe play an important role in the pathogenesis of CPH.

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