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On the Lengthways Development Concept of the Tibetan Ethical Thoughts and Concepts


熊坤新(Kun-Xin Xiong)

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藏族 ; 伦理思想 ; 道德观念 ; 历史 ; 发展 ; 轨迹 ; the Tibetan people ; ethical thoughts ; moral concept ; history ; development ; locus



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21卷3期(2004 / 09 / 20)

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11 - 15

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The Tibetan people is a people with ethical sense and traditions. Ethical thoughts have come into being and developed in secular social practice and activities. The Tibetan ethical thoughts are a general name of all ethical thoughts and moral concepts in the Tibetan history. The Tibetan thoughts are not only important parts of the Tibetan cultures and the Tibetan spiritual life, but also an important component of the Chinese ethical thoughts. The excavation, arranging and research of the Tibetan ethical thoughts and moral concepts are theoretically and practically significant and conducive to the strengthening of the building of moralities in the Tibetan regions, to the carrying forward of national cultures, the improvement of national qualities, the training of new generations with ideals, moralities, culture and discipline, and conducive to the strengthening of the mutual understanding and communication of cultures and thoughts among peoples, the strengthening of national unity and bringing close the national relations.

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