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Primary Analysis of Wedding Ceremonies of the Qiang People


马宁(Ning Ma)

Key Words

羌族婚俗 ; 形式特征 ; 文化内涵 ; the Qiang people ; wedding ceremonies ; formalities and features ; cultural connotations



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21卷3期(2004 / 09 / 20)

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18 - 22

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The Qiang people is one of the ancient nationalities in China, Seen from the developing process of the Qiang people's social history and the formation arid features of wedding ceremonies of the Qiang people, the wedding ceremonies of the Qiang people possess profound cultural connotations. The wedding ceremonies are not merely a phenomenon of folk customs, but also an incarnation of the Qiang people's religious consciousness, a symbol of the Qiang people's national spirit and an entrustment of human concepts and ethical moralities.

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