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On the Significance of Exercising Traveling Education to the Residents in the National Tourist Areas


王翌(Yi Wang);董小丹(Xiao-Dan Dong)

Key Words

民族旅游 ; 民族旅游地居民 ; 旅游教育 ; national tour, residents of the national tourist areas ; traveling education



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21卷3期(2004 / 09 / 20)

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42 - 45

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On the basis of the former scholars' theoretical studies of the national tourist areas, this paper attaches much importance to the analysis of the problems which emerge in the traditional folk cultures of these areas. This paper points out that the exercising traveling education to the residents, guiding the residents to development and innovating the traditional folk cultures are to continue the lengthways relics of national and to seek the coexistent space breadthwise for the pluralism of the present cultures.

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