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Multidimensional Studies of "Adjective+Dynamic Auxiliary '了'"


李迅(Xun Li)

Key Words

形容词 ; 动态助词 ; 了 ; adjective ; dynamic auxiliary ; 了



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21卷3期(2004 / 09 / 20)

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78 - 80

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The structure adjective+dynamic auxiliary '了' is always a controversial one. There is still much divergence as to whether adjectives can take dynamic auxiliaries and whether there is a change of the part of speech when adjectives do take dynamic auxiliaries. This paper mainly deals with the structure adjective+dynamic auxiliary '了' as an analytic target. Five types can be derived from this structure. These types will be discussed respectively in this paper. Dissimilarities and similarities have been obtained by comparing the structure parallelly to another structure verb+dynamic auxiliary '了' on the basis of the semantic grammatical and pragmatic functions

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