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Genotypical Differences and Characteristics of Se Accumulation in Soybean


李志玉(Zhi-Yu Li);郭慶元(Qing-Yuan Guo);徐巧珍(Qiao-Zhen Xu);孫素雲(Su-Yun Shun);沈金雄(Jin-Xiong Shen);陳澤憲(Ze-Xian Chen)

Key Words

大豆 ; 積硒量 ; 基因型差異 ; soybean types ; accumulation of Se ; difference of genotype



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6卷2期(2000 / 06 / 01)

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207 - 213

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Field experiment and solution culture were conducted to study the characteristic of selenium accumulation in different type soybean. The results showed that the selenium content and amount of accumulation in plant and grain increased significantly by spraying 0.025% (Na2SeO3) on leaves in three types of soybean, the increase range was summer soybean>autumn soybean>spring soybean in plant and autumn soybean>summer soybean>spring soybean in grain under low Se condition. The differences of Se accumulation in spring soybean varieties were also significantly under high Se condition. Solution culture with different Se concentration, the amount of Se accumulation in plant was various at different growth stage of soybean and the order was mature period>flowing period>seedling period. Application of Se with 1.0mg/L the amount of Se accumulation in spring soybean per plant was highest. 10 varieties with high Se accumulation were selected.

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