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Microbiological Denitrification and the Inhibition of Intermediates


萬曦(Xi Wan);萬國江(Guo-Jiang Wan);黃榮貴(Rong-Gui Huang);M. Snozzi

Key Words

混合微生物 ; 脫氮作用 ; pH變化 ; 好氧與厭氧轉換 ; microorganisms denitrification ; pH ; transition between oxic and anoxic conditions



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6卷2期(2000 / 06 / 01)

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227 - 232

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Chinese Abstract

開展了pH及好氧-厭氧轉換對微生物脫氮作用影響的研究,結果表明,在Ph≥7.5時,經過3次好氧與厭氧條件轉換後,混合微生物的脫氮作用能順利進行,N2產量持續穩定,NO2(上標 -)、N2O和NO產量很少;在pH=6.8時,中間產物NO2(上標 -)、N2O等大量出現,脫氮菌的細胞幹重急速下降並被洗出,脫氮能力受到抑制。

English Abstract

With rapidly industrial and agricultural development, more and more fertilizers, chemicals and heavy ions etc. flow into lakes and rivers without cleaning, which causes lake eutrophication, decreasing quality in drinking water sources. Therefore, denitrification is essential for controlling the amounts of nitrogen. During the process from nitrate to the end products-nitrogen, several intermediates, e.g. nitrite (NO2(superscript -)), nitrous oxid(N2O) and nitric oxid(NO) may be accumulated which have more toxic influences on environment. In this study, denitrification effect of microorganisms was examined on the changes between oxic and anoxic conditions under varying pH. At pH 7.5, denitrification proceeded well after 3 switches from oxic to anoxic condition arid vice versa. Production of N2 was constant and amounts of NO2(superscript -), N2O and NO were little. However, at pH 6.8, the denitrification activity was inhibited and there were a large amounts of intermediates. Dry weight of denitrifying bacteria decreased violently and washed out.

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