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Diagnosis and Treatment of Fungal Sinusitis-A Report of 19 Cases


李羚(Ling Li);馮益進(Yi-Jing Feng);徐永田(Yong-Tian Xu)

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鼻竇 ; 真菌病 ; 鼻內鏡檢查 ; 上頜竇根治術 ; Nasal sinuses ; Mycosis ; Endoscopy ; Redical maxillary sinustomy



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12卷4期(2005 / 08 / 25)

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663 - 664

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Objective: To improve the diagnosis and treatment of fungal sinusitis. Methods: Clinical data of 19 patients with fungal sinusitis were reviewed retrospectively. Results: Of 19 patients, the infected sites were all in unilateral nasal sinus. 12 cases presentiod in maxillary sinus, 2 cases presented in ethmoid sinus, 1 case presented in sphenoid sinus, 3 cases involved over two nasal sinuses, and 1 case involved over three nasal sinuses. CT scan showed 15 cases (78.9%) had a calcified area inside in nasal sinus, 5 cases had bone destructive. 3 cases recurrence occurred as followed within 2 years after operation. Conclusion: Fungal sinusitis usually occurred in unilateral nasal sinus, especially in maxillary sinus. CT has very important value for its diagnosis. Surgical management is effective in the treatment of fungal sinusitis.

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