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Clinical Application of multi-slice Spiral CT in the Treatment of non-metallic Foreign Object in Child Airway


高峰(Feng Gao)

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气管 ; 支气管 ; 异物 ; 体层摄影术,X线计算机 ; 儿童 ; Airway, bronchial ; Foreign object ; Tomography, X-ray, computed ; Child



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28卷6期(2010 / 11 / 20)

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482 - 483

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Chinese Abstract

目的 探讨多层螺旋CT扫描机其后处理技术在儿童气道非金属异物中的临床应用价值。方法 对临床有异物吸入史的15例患儿行多层螺旋CT平扫并对其图像进行多平面重建(MPR)、最大密度投影(MIP)、容积再现(VR)、及仿真内窥镜(CTVE)后处理。结果 本组15例患儿检查结果均为阳性,13例异物位于右侧主支气管及其分支、2例位于左侧主支气管及其分支,8例显示间接征象。结论 多层螺旋CT扫描及其后处理技术能够很好地显示气道异物的部位、大小、形态及并发症,是儿童气道非金属异物的一种安全、有效、无创、迅速的检查方法。

English Abstract

Objective To explore the application of multi-slice spiral CT and its technique in post-treatment of child airway non-metallic foreign object. Methods Multi-slice spiral CT scan was performed in 15 cases of children with history of inhalation of foreign objects. Post-treatment of their images were conducted in terms of multiplanar reformation (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP), volume rendering (VR) and computed tomography virtual endoscopy (CTVE). Results The test result of the 15 cases were all positive. 13 cases had foreign Objective s in the right main bronchi and their branches, 2 in the left main bronchi and their branches, 8 showed indirect signs. Conclusion Multi-slice spiral CT scan and its post-treatment technique can effectively indicate the location, size, shape and complication of a foreign object. It is a good, safe, fast and non-traumatic means to detect non-metallic foreign objects in child airway.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥衛生綜合