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The Experiences, Lessons and Important Enlightenment of the World Petroleum Resource Cities


刘广(Guang Liu);王海坡(Hai-Po Wang)

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石油资源城市 ; 持续发展 ; 油气资源产业群 ; 替代产业 ; 启示 ; petroleum resource cities ; continuous development ; the oil gas resource industrial group ; substitution industry ; enlightenment



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18卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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33 - 35

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In general, there are three basic patterns for the developments of world petroleum resource cities: to be flourishing continuously, or become rigid and stagnation, or depression and exhausted. To summarize the historical experiences and lessons that led to the success or failure of the world petroleum resource cities, we can gain the following enlightenment: to play the macro-control role of city government fully; to establish the oil gas resource industrial group with reasonable structure through using the oil gas resource advantages fully; to go to the development road of ”to develop oil gas resource→to develop petroleum chemical industry→to establish diversified economy→to form substitution industry→to walk to lasting prosperity”.

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