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On the Effective Approach to Ensure Minerals Resource Safety


张吉军(Ji-Jun Zhang)

Key Words

矿产 ; 矿产资源安全 ; 可持续发展 ; minerals ; minerals resource safety ; sustainable development



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18卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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46 - 47

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At the present, minerals resource safety of our country is faced with stem situation. The major reasons that affect the minerals resource safety of our country are: minerals resource management system has abuses, and management level is low; viewpoint of value of minerals resource is weak; natural calamity and artificial damage occur from time to time, etc. We should ensure minerals resource safety through constructing new minerals resource management system, building economized reasonable consumption system, determining the reasonable price of minerals resource merchandise, establishing strategic minerals resource reserve system, and perfecting the laws and regulations system of minerals information.

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