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On Financial Centralized Management


张春梅(Chun-Mei Zhang)

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企业集团 ; 财务集中管理体系 ; 预算管理体系 ; 资金流 ; 内部控制制度 ; enterprise group ; financial centralized management system ; budget management system ; capital flowing ; internal control system



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18卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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58 - 59

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Financial management is the key of the business management. When taking full advantages of financial centralized mangement, enterprise group should not only emphasize strengthening the basic work of the centralized management system, such as reinforcing capital settlement, accounting check and overall budget, but also emphasize the solutions to the problems that appear in the actual operations of financial centralized management, that is, to perfect budget management, improve capital management, and realize the change from financial accountant to management accountant, etc.

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