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On the Spiritual Culture of the Chinese Nation under the Globalization Impact


李延文(Yan-Wen Li)

Key Words

中华民族 ; 精神文化 ; 文化建设 ; 冲击 ; the Chinese nation ; spiritual culture ; cultural construction ; impact



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18卷1期(2005 / 01 / 01)

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6 - 9

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Under the impact of the globalization tide, the traditional spiritual culture of the Chinese nation is faced with stem challenge. No matter national Spirit, morals standard, social belief, viewpoint of value, literature art, or language, all have got the influence of different levels. To ensure that Chinese culture continues and develops, we must blend in the trend of globalization with positive attitude, develop the unique advantage of our own fully, build the advanced culture with national characteristics and times features, and promote the all-round development of person and the all-round improvement of quality.

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