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Critical Analysis of "Original Sin" Sense of Intellectuals in May 4th Period: With Image of Rickshaw Men in Poems as Starting Point


白傑(Jie Bai)

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五四知識分子 ; 原罪意識 ; 勞工神聖 ; 人力車夫 ; intellectuals in May 4th Period ; original sin sense ; holy labor ; rickshaw men



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7卷4期(2005 / 12 / 01)

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84 - 86

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The ”original sin” sense, like a virulent gene embedded in the soul of intellectuals of May 4th Period, can be vaguely detected in the image of rickshaw men during the early 20th century. Combined with the idea of holy labor, it has crushed the enlightening consciousness, independent personality and elitist position of intellectuals, and finally procured the collective absence of intellectuals in the ”Cultural Revolution”.

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