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Review and Prospect of China's Education Quality Assurance


刘尧(Yao Liu)

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中国 ; 教育评价 ; 教育质量保障 ; China ; educational evaluation ; education quality assurance



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7卷1期(2006 / 02 / 01)

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1 - 7

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As one of the four well-known civilized countries in the world, China has a long history of education quality assurance, especially the ancient imperial examination system. With the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, China's education quality assurance still worked tenaciously to guarantee the largest- scale education in modern times. With the rapid development of education in the contemporary era, China's education quality assurance has produced good results: a wealth of studies abroad concerning education quality assurance has been introduced into China; practice and academic exchange about education quality assurance have been widely conducted; education quality assurance system and various organizations at different levels have been established and improved. Looking forward to the future, we can predict the following tendencies of development of China's education quality assurance: good cultural atmosphere of education quality should be constructed; education quality assurance system should be improved; the developmental and decisive functions of education quality assurance should be emphasized; and the educational evaluation should be scientifically conducted so as to achieve the reliability and validity.

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