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On the System of Sending Special Envoys to Guide Disaster Relief in the Song Dynasty


武剑青(Jian-Qing Wu)

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刘宋朝 ; 遣使救灾 ; 救灾使臣 ; the Song Dynasty ; sending special envoys to guide disaster relief ; special envoy



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7卷1期(2006 / 02 / 01)

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87 - 91

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Frequent natural calamities impelled the Song Dynasty (420~479), one of the Southern Dynasties in China, to send special envoys to guide disaster relief. In the course of participating in the local disaster relief, envoys put together such links as pacification, delivering relief fund and supervision of the central government, served as the link between the central government and local government, and represented the principal part the central government played in the relief. Sending special envoys to guide disaster relief, a positive and effective system, exercised a positive influence upon the economic recovery and keeping public order after disasters.

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