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Ifosfamide with PHA-LAK Cell Adoptive Immunotherapy in Advanced Recurrent Ovarian Epithelial Cancer


黄媚娟(Mei-Juan Huang);姜愚(Yu Jiang);周麟(Lin Zhou);李梅(Mei Li);彭枫(Feng Peng)

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卵巢肿瘤/药物疗法 ; 卵巢肿瘤/免疫疗法 ; 异环磷酰胺 ; 杀伤细胞,淋巴因子激活/药理学 ; ovarian neoplasms/drug therapy ; ovarian neoplasms/immunotherapy ; ifosfamide IFO ; killer cells, lymphokine-activated/pharmacology



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12卷13期(2005 / 07 / 14)

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1015 - 1017

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Chinese Abstract

目的:研究异环磷酰胺(ifosfamide, IFO)联合自体PHA-LAK细胞过继性免疫治疗晚期复发卵巢上皮癌的疗效。方法:25例复发的晚期卵巢上皮癌患者经IFO 1200mg/(平方公尺•d)连用4d,同时于用IFO后0、4、8h分别静脉推注美司钠400mg;化疗间歇期以PHA-LAK细胞治疗4次。联合治疗2个周期以上。结果:25例患者中,完全缓解(CR)3例,部分缓解(PR)8例,稳定(NC)7例,进展(PD)7例,有效率(CR+PR)44%(11/25),中位无进展生存期(TTP)21周,中位生存期(OS)47周。毒副反应主要是消化道反应和骨髓抑制。结论:IFO联合自体PHA-LAK细胞治疗复发的晚期卵巢上皮癌有效,毒副反应低,可作为晚期复发卵巢上皮癌的选择方案。

English Abstract

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the efficacy and safety of ifosfamide with PHA-LAK cell adoptive immunotherapy in advanced recurrent ovarian epithelial cancer. METHODS: IFO was administered in the dosage of 1200 mg/m^2 on days 1-4 with mesna (400mg) infusion at 0, 4 and 8 hours following initiation of IFO. The PHA-LAK cells were given intravenously 4 times during the intermission of chemotherapy. This regimen was repeated at least 2 cycles. RESULTS: There were 3/25-CR, 8/25-PR, 7/25-NC, 7/25-PD, CR+PR 44%. Median TTP and OS were 21 weeks and 47 weeks respectively. CONCLUSIONS: The therapy of IFO with PHA-LAK cells has efficacy in women with advanced recurrent ovarian epithelial cancer. Its toxicity is slight and so the protocol can be a reasonable option in the treatment of advanced recurrent ovarian cancer.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 內科