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Diagnosis and Treatment of Small Intestinal Tumor: An Analysis of 48 Cases


王天宝(Tian-Bao Wang);董文广(Wen-Guang Dong);曾庆东(Qing-Dong Zeng);李兆亭(Zhao-Ting Li)

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肠肿瘤/诊断 ; 小肠 ; 肠肿瘤/外科学 ; 回顾性研究 ; intestional neoplasms/diagnosis ; small intestine ; intestional neoplasms/surgery ; retrospective studies



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12卷13期(2005 / 07 / 14)

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1020 - 1022

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The objective of this study was to investigate the clinical characteristics of small intestinal tumor. The clinicopathological features of 48 cases of small intestinal tumor were analysed respectively from May 15, 1980 to August 15, 2000. The common complains were abdominal pain, mass, distension, melena, nausea and vomitting. For the location, 63.2%(12/19) of leiomyosarcoma located in jejunum, 75%(12/16) of adenocarcinoma in duodenum, 66.7%(4/6) of lymphoma in ileum. The majority (54.2%, 26/48) of all the small intestine tumors located in the duodenum and proximal 20 centimeters jejunum. Recurrence rate was 10.4%(5/48). Multiple-site tumor occurrence rate was 8.3%(4/48). Radical excision was carried out on 70.8%(34/48) of cases, palliative and exploratory operation were perfermed on 25.0%(12/48) and 4.2%(2/48) of cases, respectively. Abdominal pain, mass and melena indicated small intestine tumor, especially leiomyosarcoma. In conclusion, multiple-site occurrence and recurrence are the characteristics of small intestine tumor. The best treatment measure is radical excision.

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