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Cost Comparison of Digital and Traditional Library


曾仁泰(Jen-Tai Tseng)

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數位典藏 ; 數位圖書館 ; 電子圖書館 ; 成本管理 ; 圖書館營運管理 ; Digital Collection ; Digital Library ; e-Library ; Cost Management ; Library Operation Management



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20卷2期(2002 / 12 / 01)

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80 - 86

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The trendy issues of digital library and digitalized service have been discussed all the time. However, the executives of library often get stuck because of the user habit, technology and high cost. Especially high cost, it is believed the major difficulty of applying. But budget increase is not the only approach to assess the cost; it should be consider from the view of entire cost management. By doing so, one will get different conclusion about the cost problem of digital library and digitalize service. This essay is trying to get into the point from the view of executives who actually manage libraries. Although the condition of existence of digital collection and traditional holding at the same time will last for quite a long time, planning the implement of digital library and digitalized service in advance will not only be helpful for deliberating the development policy of holdings and service actively but also increase the value of the library.

Topic Category 人文學 > 圖書資訊學
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