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Innovative Image Display with the Integration of Infrared Digital Watermark and Augmented Reality




王希俊(His-Chun Wang);劉文心(Wen-Hsin Liu);陳怡惠(Yi-Hui Chen)

Key Words

數位半色調 ; 紅外線浮水印 ; 擴增實境 ; halftoning ; infrared watermarking ; augmented reality



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

24卷3期(2009 / 09 / 01)

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213 - 219

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Chinese Abstract

擴增實境(Augmented Reality, AR)隨著電腦科技與影像技術的發展逐漸成熟,應用範圍也越來越廣,其結合人眼所見之真實世界外,並增添虛擬物件以提供資訊與人機互動之介面,爲影像顯示科技與數位內容的整合應用。但其在軟、硬體介面上仍需要並不美觀的辨識用圖樣以利系統定位及將虛擬物件合成於真實影像中,因此,本研究採用數位半色調的網點加密技術及色墨中碳黑在紅外光下的光學特性,將傳統擴增實境所需之不美觀的辨識用圖樣予以隱藏,使辨識用圖樣以更符合自然的方式融入人們的日常生活,在不需特殊輸出設備或材料下增加圖文的使用空間,讓書本可符合傳統使用者閱讀習慣外,亦可用擴增實境技術以顯示雙重知識內容的功能。

English Abstract

With the rapid advances of computer technology, the application of augmented reality (AR) has been extended to various fields. In order to enhance human's perception, augmented reality is used to blend real scenes and virtual objects. However, there are still some limits in the interfaces of AR systems, especially the visually-intrusive AR markers. In this study, we propose a design method based on the digital halftoning technique and the characteristics of carbon black under infrared (IR) detection. It provides AR system a novel solution for marker design which makes markers invisible to human eyes and visible under IR detection. By using this method, the content on paper is not only suitable for human reading, but also can be recognized by computers for later augmented 3-D virtual object display.

Topic Category 工程學 > 工程學綜合
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