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Will the Sino-Vatican Relationship Follow the "Vietnam Model?": A Viewpoint on Constructivism




姚祺(Qi Yao)

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中梵關係 ; 越南模式 ; 建構主義 ; 天主教 ; Sion-Vatican Relationship ; Vietnam Model ; Constructivism ; Catholic Church



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64卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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57 - 99

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The Holy See and China have signed a "provisional agreement" on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops in October 2018, which means that the Sino-Vatican relationship has reached a new phase. Meanwhile, the debate about whether or not Sino-Vatican relationship will develop with the "Vietnam Model" has emerged before and after the agreement. Does the "Vietnam Model" indicate the future of Sino-Vatican relations? This question is what this research tries to answer. In a broader sense, the "Vietnam Model" includes the whole process of how the Holy See and Vietnam form a formal negotiation institution and improve bilateral ties through unremitting interaction. Through the perspective of the constructivism theory, this paper compares the development of both Sino- Vatican ties and Vietnam-Vatican ties and reveals that because of the significant variance among identities, interests, domestic norms, and sharing norms with the Holy See, the development of Sino-Vatican ties will not follow the "Vietnam Model." Hence, this is the crucial element that obstructs the establishment of full diplomatic relations between the Holy See and China.

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