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The Ranks of Dependence in Various Activities of Daily Living among Strokes Measured by the Barthel Index




張志仲(Jyh-Jong Chang)

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activities of daily living ; stroke ; rank of dependence



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11卷(1993 / 12 / 01)

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43 - 50

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Chinese Abstract

本研究收集曾經住院接受治療的中風病人156位,以巴氏日常生活活動指數(the Barthel Index)來評估病人在日常生活中對各種活動的依賴情形,其中有101位(64%)病人在日常生活活動上有重度或中輕度的依賴形。本研究利用依賴指數(dependence index)來分析中風病人對日常生活活動的依賴程度,結果發現在整體中風病人中,其對日常生活活動的依賴程度大小依序為:洗澡、上下樓梯、穿衣、個人修飾、上下衛浴、行走、從輪椅或床的移位、自我餵食、小便控制和大便控制。同時討論分析重度依賴的中風病人與中輕度依賴的中風病人,其在日常生活活動上依賴程度的差異性。這個發現可以使職能治療師對中風病人的居家生活有更進一步瞭解,並提供職能治療師在有關訓練中風病人日常生活能力上的參考。

English Abstract

This study evaluated the ranks of dependence in various activities of daily living (ADL) based on the Barthel index in stroke patients. One hundred and fifty-six stroke patients were surveyed/assessed, and 101(64%) subjects were found to be severe or moderate-to-mild dependence in ADL. The dependence index was used to determine the ranks of dependence in various ADL. Results indicated that the ranks of dependence in ADL for the subjects in order from severe to mild were bathing, stairs climbing, dressing, grooming, bathing and toilet, mobility, chair/bed transfer, feeding, bowels and bladder control in sequence. The differences of dependent ranks between severe and moderate-to-mild dependence subjects were also discussed in this study. These findings may not only provide occupational therapists a better understanding of the ranks of dependence in ADL, but provide a reference for ADL training in stroke patients.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥總論
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