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An Application of Structural Equation Models to Occupational Therapy




姚開屏(Kai-Ping Grace Yao)

Key Words

step-wise multiple regression analysis ; structural equation models ; stroke patients ; activities of daily living (ADL)



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11卷(1993 / 12 / 01)

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66 - 78

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Chinese Abstract

本篇延續了前篇對結構方程模型(structural equation models)的介紹,而將此研究方法應用於職能治療的研究上。為為要瞭解影響中風病人日常生活自理能力(ADL)恢復情形之因素,筆者收集247位曾在國立台灣大學附設醫院職能治療單位做過治療的中風病人資料,應用了兩種資料分析法:(1)階梯式複加害迴歸分析法(stepwise multiple regression analysis)及(2)結構方程模型法,以瞭解影響ADL能力恢復的因素。研究結果顯示:當研究人員能依據文獻回顧而設計出合理的假設模型(hypothetical model)時,結構方程模型法比複迴歸分析法更能對所觀察得到的資料做出合理的解釋。

English Abstract

This paper continues the discussion of structural equation models and applies the models to the research of occupational therapy. In order to understand the factors influencing the recovery of stroke patient' activities of daily living (ADL) ability after occurrence, two methods (multiple regression analysis and structural equation modles) are used to analyze the data of 247 stroke patients, collected from the National Taiwan University Hospital. Results show that under hypothetical models with appropriate assumptions, structural equation models may provide a more satisfactory interpretation on the observed data.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫藥總論
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