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A Survey of the Functional Status of Residents in the Wan-Li Sanatorium




廖文炫(Wen-Shen Liao);胡名霞(Ming-Hsia Hu);曹昭懿(Jau-Yih Tsauo);楊順安(Shun-An Yang)

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老年人 ; 療養院 ; 功能狀態 ; The aged ; Sanatorium ; Functional status



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20卷2期(1995 / 09 / 01)

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121 - 130

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The elderly population has increased beyond 7% in Taiwan since 1994 and the need for geriatric physical therapy is increasing. In 1985, the authors reported the prevalence of functional limitations of handicapped residents in the Wan-li Sanatorium and suggested that physical therapy may improve their function. This article reports the results of a survey conducted in 1993 in the Wan-li Sanatorium. A total of 390 residents (mean=75 years old, 303 males, 87 females) completed the survey. A survey form was used to record the joints complaining pain, with range of motion (ROM) limitations, or decreasing muscle strength. The ability to squat, stand up, walk (endurance, device, cadence), and get up and down stairs were examined. The results revealed that 50% of residents had pain, 39% had ROM limitations, and 32% had decreased strength. Compare among joints, pain of the knee joints, ROM limitation of the shoulder joints, and muscle weakness of the hip joints were seen most frequently. Approximately 45% residents were limited in squatting, 18% limited in standing up, 26% limited in walking in the Sanatorium, 28% requiring the use of a walking device, and 35% could not get up and down stairs independently. The average cadence was 88 steps/min. The proportion of female residents complaining pain was higher than male residents. The female residents showed higher proportion in decreased upper limb muscle strength and functional limitations. Residents in the Special Care Units (n=58) were more limited in all variables examined except pain than the rest of the residents. The average cadence was 71 steps/min for the residents in the Special Care Units. The prevalence of functional limitation found in this survey were similar to previous findings. It was suggested that 3-5 physical therapists were required to provide sufficient therapeutic training for the residents with functional limitation at the Wan-li Sanatorium.

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