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Reflection on the Basic Standpoint of Mou Zong San's Buddhist Interpretation


杜保瑞(Bau-Ruei DUH)

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牟宗三 ; 天臺宗 ; 華嚴宗 ; 康德 ; 海德格 ; Mou Zong San ; Tiantai Sect ; Huayan Sect ; Kant ; Heidegger



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46卷3期(2019 / 03 / 01)

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3 - 17

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The study of modern Asian Buddhism should be based on the study of Buddhist academia. However, in the field of Chinese philosophy, Buddhism is also a branch of Chinese philosophy, so it is necessary to discuss the study of Buddhism in the field of Chinese philosophy. The most profound study of Buddhism in Chinese philosophy circles is Mr. Mou Zong San. However, he constructed the philosophy system of neo-Confucianism by using the concepts of Kant philosophy and Heidegger philosophy, and at the same time, sacrificed the correct connotation of Buddhist theory. Mou Zong San compared the views of Tiantai sect and Huayan sect, and elevated the content of Tiantai sect, which focuses on practical philosophy, into a theory of completeness. As for the completeness of Buddhist theory, it appeals to the preservation of the world of sentient beings. Therefore, Huayan sect philosophy is only a partial philosophy rather than a perfect one. These viewpoints all violate the basic content of Buddhism. He thought he was talking about the problem of philosophical truth, but the result was to create a new system. However, as a practical philosophy of Buddhist theory and its worldview, it is by no means in the definition of the concept and speculative gallop can be discussed under the right and wrong. This article will mainly take the Buddhist part of two books, "phenomenon and thing in itself" and "the intuition of wisdom and Chinese philosophy" as the content explanation and the argument of opinion.

Topic Category 人文學 > 哲學
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