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A Discussion on Reading Literacy and Instruction Strategies in the Middle School


陳昱霖(Yi-Lin Chen);陳昭珍(Chao-Chen Chen)

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閱讀 ; 素養 ; 閱讀教學 ; Reading ; Literacy ; Reading Instruction



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301期(2010 / 06 / 01)

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113 - 128

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Reading literacy was formerly defined simply as reading and writing skills. With the social evolution due to the education reformations, the cultural transformation, the technological advancement, and the exponential increases of the available information and knowledge in the 20th century, reading literacy has expanded to include decoding and comprehension skills. Until 1970, reading literacy was viewed as the process of psychological cognition to build the theoretical foundation for the research of reading literacy and instruction, as well as, the proof of the practical curriculum implementation. This paper will begin with the comprehension of the definition of reading literacy and the required reading literacy skills of the middle schools' students. Next, the paper will acknowledge the theoretical schema model to discuss the process of reading literacy and instruction. Finally, this paper will arrange and present the current available instruction strategies for reading literacy and instruction, in order to provide references for the future application of the reading literacy and instruction in the middle schools to fulfill the purpose of nurturing the reading literacy among the middle school students.

Topic Category 人文學 > 中國文學
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