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Corrosion Studies of Steel Sheet Pile Structures in Keelung Harbor




林維明(Wei-Ming Lin)

Key Words

steel sheet pile ; harbor wharf structures ; corrosion rate ; cracking ; pitting ; penetration



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4卷4期(1990 / 12 / 01)

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9 - 25

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The steel sheet piles used in harbor wharf structures are easily corroded. The purpose of this study is to understand the corrosion situation of steel sheet pile structures in the harbor wharf and to examine the effectivenss of corrosion protection. There are seven wharves with steel sheet piles in Keelung harbor were examined. From the data obtained, it is found that the corrosion for the cathodically protected structures is less than that for unprotected structures. At each water level, the corrosion rates of the convex sheet piles are higher than those of the concave sheet piles. One per 30 sheet piles was chosen for each wharf and the thicknesses of steel sheet piles were measured at 3 water levels of LWL+0.35m (in the tidal zone); LWL-0.05M (just below low water level) and LWL-3.00m (in the submerged zone) etc. The maximum corrosion rate is in the tidal zone where is just below mean low water level, and the minimum one is in the submerged zone. There appeared many different corrosion patterns in the some level. Furthermore, also some of cracking, pitting and penetration are found in the strcutures, The corrosion rates of all steel sheet piles are higher than that of design guide (0.2mm/yr). It is recommended that the detailed corrosion survey of harbor steel structures should be taken in each harbor, in order to have a full understanding of the performance and corrosion characteristics of the steel sheet pile structure under different marine environments; and to get the suitable estimated formula for corrosion rate Thus, the proper corrosion protection methods and maintenance treatments ect, for engineering usage can be established.

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