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A Comparative Study of the Spatial Layout of Port Zeelandia and Malacca in the Dutch Colonial Age




洪傳祥(Chuan-Hsiang Hung);劉政寬(Chin-Kwan Liou)

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熱蘭遮 ; 麻六甲 ; 歷史港埠 ; 空間佈局 ; 荷蘭殖民 ; Zeelandia ; Malacca ; Historic Port ; Spatial Layout ; Dutch Colonization



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94期(2015 / 12 / 30)

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81 - 106

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In the Dutch Asian colonial empire in the 17th century, Port Zeelandia and Malacca were primary regional bases, one on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and the other on the Indian Ocean. As the very first developed port in Taiwan, Zeelandia was the key terminal through which innumerable immigrants from surrounding regions came to this island, so it has a special significance for Taiwanese history and culture. However, as time has passed, Zeelandia has already disappeared in the ever-changing seashore. Through the comparative analysis of old maps and pictures of these two ports, we hope to explore the planning of Dutch colonial ports and to reconstruct the spatial layout and environs of the oldest port in Taiwan. Because of the diverse pasts of these two ports, we first briefly elaborate on their historical backgrounds. We then interpret individually the spatial layout of both Port Zeelandia and Malacca and compare their layouts from four viewpoints: their positions in the Dutch Asian colonial empire, the influence of natural factors on how they were planned, the integration mechanisms of shipping logistics at each location, and their port security policies.

Topic Category 工程學 > 土木與建築工程