Geophysical Well Log Study on the Paleoenvironment of the Hydrocarbon Producing Zones in the Erchungchi Formation, Hsinyin, SW Taiwan

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周錦德(Jinder Joseph Chow);李明宗(Ming-Chung Li);傅式齊(Shi-Chie Fuh)

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Well log ; Hsinyin ; Hydrocarbon ; Paleoenvironment


Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

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16卷3期(2005 / 08 / 01)

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531 - 545

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English Abstract

Gamma ray log facies of nine wells were used to reflect the vertical profile of grain size and were combined with well sample data to deduce the paleoenvironment of the Erchungchi ”A” Member in the Hsinyin and Pachanchi areas. Four log facies were recognized in the studied intervals: a thick funnel-shaped facies representing a prograding delta; a thin funnel-shaped facies representing a crevasse splay; a boxcar-shaped fades representing a distributary channel; a bell-shaped facies representing a fluvial or deltaic channel. The paleoenvironment of the Erchungchi ”A” Member in the Hsinyin area is mainly an imbricated delta system whose thickest lobe is located in Well S-1. The delta was first deposited in the headstreams of the submarine channels, followed by mudstones as cap rocks which seal hydrocarbons in stratigraphic traps. There are many submarine channels in southwestern Taiwan, so similar stratigraphic hydrocarbon trap conditions may occur elsewhere in southwestern Taiwan.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 地球科學與地質學