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Applied Ecological Engineering Approach for Assessing Environmental Quality of the Urban Ecological Economic System


黃書禮(Shu-Li Huang);吳修綺(Shu-Chi Wu);陳維斌(Wei-Bin Chen)

Key Words

永續發展 ; 環境品質 ; 臺北都會區 ; 生態工程 ; 能值分析 ; 污水處理 ; 固態廢棄物管理 ; sustainable development ; environmental quality ; Taipei metropolitan region ; ecological engineering ; emergy synthesis ; waste water treatment ; solid waste management



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21卷2期(1994 / 09 / 01)

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215 - 232

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Large cities may be seen as a threat to sustainable global development in that they produce huge amounts of waste and pollution which must be absorbed back into the ecosystem, causing problems from local to global in scale. Sustainable urban development will require that environmental capital does not decline overtime, therefore, the evaluation of environmental quality in urban areas must be assessed from the whole metropolitan region. On the basis of organic balance in metropolitan region, this research proposes to use the capability of life-support service provided by the natural environment to urban area as reference for environmental quality. Furthermore, this research incorporates the newly established ”ecological engineering” approach, which regards waste as by-product and should be recycled to ecological system, to initiate scenarios for environmental management if metropolitan region (waste water treatment, solid waste management). The beneficial value of ecological engineering approach to the environmental quality and sustainable development of the metropolitan region is valuated using emergy synthesis. The results indicate that the treatment of waste as resources and the uses of self-design capability of natural environment of the ecological engineering approach can aid in the environmental quality and productive potential of the ecological economic system.

Topic Category 工程學 > 土木與建築工程
工程學 > 市政與環境工程
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