Translated Titles

The Globalization And Taiwan's Local Redevelopment Strategies


廖淑容(Shu-Jong Liau);周志龍(Tsu-Lung Chou)

Key Words

全球化 ; 地方經濟 ; 地方發展再發展 ; 空間規劃與政策 ; Globalization ; Local economy ; Local redevelopment ; Spatial planning and policy



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

27卷2期(2000 / 09 / 01)

Page #

191 - 209

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Chinese Abstract

本文的目的是奠基在全球經濟發展與地方連結(global-local nexus)之互動關係的基礎上,分析並檢視台灣在全球化發展過程中所受到的影響與衝擊,同時對空間再結構現象,及其對地方發展所產生的衝擊與危機,作深入的討論與分析。為促進地方經濟的再發展,以回應全球化發展的競爭影響,本文也初步研擬未來的地方再發展的競爭策略以供參考。

English Abstract

The aim of this paper is based on the global economic development and the perception of global local nexus to examine Taiwan's development in the growing process of globalization development. It explores the spatial structure change, the influence of local economic, and examines the uneven development in regions and its argument. Furthermore, the spatial governance institution and local redevelopment strategies for upgrading Taiwan's local structural competitiveness in the global economic system are also discussed in this paper.

Topic Category 工程學 > 土木與建築工程
工程學 > 市政與環境工程
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