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Radiographic Manifestations in Alveolar Cell Carcinoma


謝明仁(Ming J. Hsieh);張遵(Tsuen Cheng)

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10卷2期(1985 / 06 / 01)

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95 - 100

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自民國70年至74年3月蒐集12個經胸腔外科手術治療完成肺葉切除,病理組織證實為肺泡細胞癌的病例,複閱個案病史,並追溯性觀察胸部X光表現及CT斷層影像。12例中男性有9例、女性3例。最大年齡為69歲,最小者42歲。 放射線學胸部X光的表現包括有4例孤立性周邊結節型病灶,5列邊緣整齊的腫塊以及3例持久性肺葉浸潤型。肺泡細胞癌最有效的治療乃是外科手術切除,尤其對於單一結節型病灶。

English Abstract

From 1981 to March 1985, twelve cases of alveolar cell carcinoma were reviewed. All these patients have been received thoracotomies with lobectomy or pneumonectomy, 9 cases were male and 3 were women. The range of age is 42 to 69 years old. The histologic diagnosis was based on resected surgical specimens. The radiographic manifestations on initial examination included single peripheral nodules (4 cases), well. circumscribed tumor masses in 5 cases and three patients with a persistent infiltrative form. However, the most effective treatment is excisional surgery especially for the single nodular lesion.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 基礎醫學