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A Multicast System over WiMAX Network




李忠來(Chung-Lai Lee);王慕良(Mu-Liang Wang);曾俊豪(Chun-Hao Tseng);陳韋男(Wei-Nan Chen);劉家隆(Chia-Lung Liu);王瑞堂(Jui-Tang Wang);楊人順(Jen-Shun Yang)

Key Words

全球互通微波存取技術 ; 群播廣播封包 ; 換手 ; WiMAX ; Multicast and Broadcast Packets ; Handover



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130期(2009 / 12 / 25)

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17 - 27

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Chinese Abstract

因應目前WiMAX核心網路尚不提供群播封包傳送的問題,本論文提出一個新的機制,在WiMAX-WiFi異質整合網路中,將群播(multicast)封包利用單點傳輸(unicast)穿隧(tunnel)方式,通過目前不支援MBS(multicast broadcast service)的WiMAX網路,並在WiMAX用戶端解隧(detunnel)之後由WiFi存取點(WiFi Access Point)將封包群播至支援WiFi的移動使用者群。優點是:一方面讓多個WiFi移動使用者接收同一份的群播串流封包,藉以節省頻寬,另一方面,提供快速換手(Handover)不斷線機制,利用預先建立(pre-construction)的穿隧連線和代理人行動IP (Proxy Mobile IP;PMIP)的機制,讓移動使用者能在享受網路寬頻服務之際,也同時擁有可移動的便利性。雛形系統實作的成果呈現在不修改現有WiMAX網路裝置的條件下,達成支援端點到端點(end-to-end)群播和行動換手的能力給WiFi的使用者端群。系統實驗效能分析證明,所提機制在群播和換手上的效能都極為優異,目前繼續朝向結合可行的服務模式努力。

English Abstract

In order to compensate for the core network of WiMAX system without multicasting capability, a novel mechanism is proposed in this paper. In WiMAX-WiFi heterogeneous networks, our method adopts the unicast tunnel for forwarding multicast packets through WiMAX networks, which currently do not support MBS (multicast and broadcast service), and then detunnel by WiMAX subscriber stations before the WiFi AP (Access Point) multicasts the packet to mobile WiFi users. On the one hand this method can save the bandwidth once multiple WiFi users receive the same multicasting video stream, and on the other hand we present a fast handover mechanism, employing tunnel connection of pre-construction and PMIP (Proxy Mobile IP), in order to let mobile users enjoy the broadband Internet services and own the facility of mobility at the same time. The result of implementation shows the prototype system without any modifications of current WiMAX network device can support end to end multicasting and handover mechanism for WiFi users. The performance analysis of system experiment indicates our mechanism provided an outstanding performance on multicasting and handover. Presently we keep striving toward the combination with some feasible service model.

Topic Category 工程學 > 電機工程