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Episodic Exacerbating Tinnitus and Vertigo Related to Side Effect of Co-Diovan




陳建志(Jiann-Jy Chen);陳登郎(Dem-Lion Chen);湯耀貿(Yao-Mao Tang)

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陣發性眩暈 ; 耳鳴 ; 椎動脈 ; 血管張力素受器拮抗劑 ; episodic vertigo ; tinnitus ; vertebral artery ; angiotensin receptor blocker



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46卷2期(2011 / 04 / 01)

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87 - 91

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The major component of antihypertensive Co-Diovan is angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB), valsartan. Its side effects have been described as mild to moderate. A 67-year-old man has been bothered with bilateral tinnitus for many years. He presented with episodic exacerbating tinnitus and following vertigo for one month after taking Co-Diovan for hypertension. A head-shaking test showed left-forward spontaneous nystagmus. A hyperventilation test was positive. A pure tone audiometry showed the left hearing threshold was higher than the right. A magnetic resonance angiogram showed several vascular anomalies of posterior circulation. In order to prevent a legal misunderstanding, Co-Diovan was preserved; besides, an antiplatelet and a brain circulation promoter were recommended. Over the following month, the symptom recurred less and less. Over the following year, it was uneventful except twice recurrence when he halted the medication by himself. The extracranial neck color-coded duplex sonograms showed there is a higher vascular resistance in the event of symptom than follow-up; therefore, it should be the side effect of ARB that has acted on the cerebral vessels, increased cerebral vascular resistance, and incurred the episodic exacerbating tinnitus and following vertigo at the condition of posterior circulation anomaly.

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