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Immunohistopathological and Hemodynamic Perspectives in Primary Orbital Lymphoma-A Case Report




沈雋雁(Chun-Yen Shen);康孟喆(Mon-Te Khan)

Key Words

orbital tumor ; Malignant Lymphoma ; Color Doppler lmaging



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37卷1期(1998 / 03 / 01)

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53 - 58

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Chinese Abstract

本文報告一原發性眼窩惡性淋巴瘤之臨床表現,免疫組織病理及血流動力表現。 一個45歲女性因右眼突出,向上轉動受限求治,電腦斷層攝影發現眼窩腫瘤,組織病理切片檢查未獲確定診斷。二年後,症狀持續,電腦斷層攝影顯示一球後腫瘤,眼窩彩色都卜勒超音波攝影顯示具偏高之血流動力特性。病理切片檢查確定診斷惡性淋巴瘤,小淋巴球型,細胞表面標誌CD20陽性,臨床分期第一期。局部放射治療累積劑量3600cGy,治療後反應良好。

English Abstract

We report a case of primary orbital malignant lymphoma in clinical presentation, immunohistopathological and hemodynamic perspectives. A 45-year female was present at clinic with right eye proptosis and limitation during upward gaze. CT scan revealed the presence of an orbital tumor. Excisional biopsy did not make any definite pathological diagnosis. Two years later, the symptoms persisted, CT scan revealed a retrobulbar tumor and color Doppler imaging disclosed its blood flow pattern as hypervascular. Histopathology proved the diagnosis of malignant lymphoma, small lymphocytic type with positive cell marker CD 20, clinical stage I. Orbit irradiation therapy with cumulative dosage up to 3600 cGy got regression after five months' follow-up.

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