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A Nutrition Analysis System Based on Recipe Ontology




胡秋明(Chiu-Ming Hu);蔡文傑(Wen-Chieh Cai);黃立杰(Li-Jie Huang);趙振瑞(JC-J Chao);徐建業(Chien-Yeh Hsu)

Key Words

本體建構 ; 資料庫 ; 知識管理 ; 飲食紀錄 ; 飲食建議 ; 食品成分 ; Ontology ; Database ; Knowledge Management ; Dietary Record ; Dietary Reference Intakes ; Food Composition



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15卷3期(2006 / 09 / 01)

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57 - 71

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Chinese Abstract

行政院衛生署已建置完成「台灣地區食品營養成分資料庫」網路資料庫,內含食品成分表、食品成分表使用說明、樣品描述表、分析項目、分析方法以及參考文獻等資料。雖然有完整的資料庫,然而對於沒有充分營養知識的一般民眾,使用並不方便,衛生署已規劃逐步改善該資料庫內容及架構,以達到專業化及使用方便(user-friendly)兼具之目標。近年來國人對於日常生活保健愈顯重視,飲食的管理是不可缺少的一環。本研究為了提供國人更完善的營養資訊,以日常生活中的常見料理為基礎建立料理本體論(recipe ontology),嘗試將食品營養成分領域中的名詞作明確定義,以利食品成分之搜尋、解釋及分析。此料理本體論參考台灣地區食品營養成分資料庫,將料理分類為七項類別與食材分為十八項類別,透過軟體把知識本體架構標準化成為XML,再利用ASP與MySQL資料庫,建立食品營養素成分分析系統,提供使用者諮詢食品營養、計算攝取營養與提供飲食記錄的功能,並針對個人產生給予適當的飲食建議。 此食品營養素成分分析系統,經由21位食品營養專家的問卷調查結果顯示,80.96%以上的專家認為本系統在教學研究或臨床應用上是有幫助的,因此本系統的確可以協助民眾注重飲食營養的均衡,達到自主飲食健康管理的最終目標。

English Abstract

The Internet database for food composition in Taiwan, including food descriptions, sample descriptions, analysis items, methods, and references, as built by the Department of Health. Although complete food composition data has been collected in this database, it is not convenient for people who do not have sufficient nutrition know ledge to retrieve nutrition information. Recently, diet management is an important topic in health care. To provide sufficient nutrition information, the recipe ontology as built based on common food recipes in this study. This ontology was used to explicitly define terms of food composition and design analytic procedures and search functions. In this recipe ontology, recipes ere classified as 7 categories and foods were classified as 18 categories referred to the database for food composition in Taiwan area. The recipe ontology was implemented using XML and integrated with MySQL and ASP to develop a food composition analysis system. In this system, users can retrieve nutrition information and evaluate their dietary intakes according to the 24-hour dietary record. In addition, the system can generate dietary recommendations according to the personal records. The food composition analysis system as evaluated by the experts in nutrition using a questionnaire survey. According to the questionnaire results, more than 80.96% experts consider that the system is helpful for education, research, amid clinical application. Therefore, this system can help people to complete the goal of diet self-management for health.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 醫院管理與醫事行政
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