Are There Dangling Topics in Mandarin Chinese?

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黃瑞恆(Ray Rui-Heng Huang);丁仁(Jen Ting)

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主題結構 ; 孤懸主題 ; 句法鏈 ; A槓移位 ; topic construction ; dangling topic ; subject in Chinese ; PP-reduced form


Concentric: Studies in Linguistics

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32卷1期(2006 / 01 / 01)

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119 - 146

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Chinese Abstract

本文旨在探討漢語裡是否存在孤懸主題(dangling topics),俗稱漢語式主題(Chinese-style topics)。反對者認為,所有的漢語主題皆透過句法鏈(chain formation)或A槓移位(A''''-movement),因而與緊隨的評論句(comment clause)產生依附關係(dependency),獲得形式認可(syntactically licensed)。反之,贊成者則主張,漢語裡有某些主題,也就是孤懸主題,是經由語意認可(semantically licensed)的,與形式無關。比較兩造分析之後,本文反駁語意認可的論點,同時修正形式認可分析中的一些缺點,總之,我們認為漢語裡並不存在孤懸主題。

English Abstract

This paper compares two opposing views as to whether dangling topics exist in Mandarin Chinese. The non-dangling-topic analysis considers all Chinese topics syntactically licensed by chain formation or A'-movement, while the dangling-topic analysis treats some Chinese topics (i.e. dangling topics) as semantically rather than syntactically licensed. Rejecting the semantic licensing of topics, this paper argues in favor of the non-dangling-topic approach but meanwhile fixes some problems that may arise under this approach.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
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