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Orthomosaic Processing based on Infrared Thermal and Optical Imagery




楊明德(Ming-Der Yang);莊子毅(Tzu-Yi Chuang);韓仁毓(Jen-Yu Han)

Key Words

無人機 ; 紅外線熱影像 ; 超解析重建 ; 精準農業 ; Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle ; Infrared Thermal Image ; Super-resolution Reconstruction ; Precision agriculture



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23卷2期(2018 / 06 / 01)

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71 - 81

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Compared with traditional remote sensing and aerial photogrammetry technology, Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) show their advantages in mobility and measurement accuracy. In this study, we plan to establish a leaf temperature database for rice life cycle, and proposed an automated data processing scheme for UAV optical and infrared thermal imagery to assist in the follow-up analysis of rice growth, water deficiency, lack of nutrients, and pests and also to aim at precision agriculture management and management. However, at present, the resolution of infrared thermal images is still far inferior to optical images, which often results in difficulty in interpretation of image content or feature extraction processing. Therefore, this study focuses on the use of image super-resolution reconstruction technology to improve the spatial resolution of infrared thermal imaging and at the same time puts forward a scheme for producing infrared thermal image mosaic maps, so as to improve the comprehensive assessment and interpretation of thermal data of agricultural land.

Topic Category 工程學 > 交通運輸工程