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A Study of Factors Affecting Employee Displayed Emotions: The Case of Shoe Store Sales Clerks




蔡維奇(Wei-Chi Tsai);黃樱美(Yin-Mei Huang)

Key Words

情緒表達 ; 前期購買意願 ; 店內氣氛 ; Displayed emotions ; Pre-purchase intentions ; Store atmosphere



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21卷1期(2002 / 04 / 01)

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67 - 84

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Chinese Abstract

情緒表達(displayed emotions)意指員工在服務交易中表現出有益於組織的情緒之行動。過去研究指出招募甄選、社會化及獎懲等組織因素與員工情緒表達有關,本研究則著重於探討顧客前期購買意願及店內氣氛對員工情緒表達的影響。本研究以大台北地區154家鞋類用品店共300位鞋店銷售員及300位顧客為對象,使用觀察法蒐集顧客購買意願、店內氣氛及員工情緒表達的資料。研究結果發現,員工會藉由顧客的行為線索判斷其購買意願,並進而修正個人的情緒表達;當顧客購買意願愈高時,員工會有較親切友善的情緒表達。本研究亦發現,當店內氣氛愈好時,員工會表現愈親切友善的情緒。

English Abstract

Displayed emotions refer to the act of expressing organizationally desired emotions during service transactions. Past research indicated that recruitment, socialization, and reward system would affect employee displayed emotions. This study extends past research by proposing that customer pre-purchase intentions would influence employees' emotional displays. This study also examines the relationship between store atmosphere and employee displayed emotions. 300 shoe store sales clerks in Taipei areas and 300 customers who were served by one of those sales clerks participated in this study. Data was collected mainly by means of the observation method. Results suggested that sales clerks displayed more positive emotions toward customers who behaviorally exhibited higher pre-purchase intentions. The study also found that sales clerks displayed more positive emotions when the store atmosphere was more positive.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 經濟學
社會科學 > 管理學
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